Our Shotgun Wedding is the warm and honest collaboration of Dylan McMullin and Lauren Jewell. The infectious chemistry of this husband and wife duo simmers constantly, and boils over on stage. The style of these multi–instrumentalists is as infectious as the catchy toe-tapping songs they perform.

The couple met in 2010 at Summerfolk Music Festival in Owen Sound, Ontario and a 5 track demo EP entitled “Ghosts of the Bury Road,” was released in 2012. The track, “The Hitchhiker” was featured on CBC Radio’s Bandwidth.

The style they bring to the stage is warm, textured and honest, yet provocative and searching. They are a dynamic young band whose song writing abilities produce lyrics and melodies that fit their musical skills so well that the result is like polished pyrite, everyday ideas presented in a cleanly finished way that works so well. Our Shotgun Wedding’s music is fresh and new, confronting yet comforting. And while their music may be new to you, it still comes across sounding oh so familiar.